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Business Banking

Treasury Management Services


There are a variety of Treasury Management tasks that my be performed and managed through our secure online banking system.

Features and Services

  • Administration offers a full suite of administrative functions including end user maintenance, activity reporting, balance alerts, account maintenance, password modification, and the inactivity timeout setting. Your company administrator has access to all of the Administration options.
  • Balance Reporting - provides summary information at a glance and also allows a drilldown into additional detail for a specific account. For added convenience and utility, the Account Summary format is customizable.
  • Book Transfers - allows you to move funds between accounts within the same financial institution. Transfers can be scheduled for the current day, a date in the future or on a recurring basis.
  • Wire Transfer - moves funds between accounts that are within different financial institutions.
  • Stop Payment - allows you to place stops on an individual check or a range of checks.
  • E-Statement - provides your monthly bank statement, with attached check images, on the first day after month-end. This can be stored as an electronic version or printed. E-Statements are faster and offer more security than paper statements.
  • ACH - allows you to create Direct Deposits or Debits as electronic transactions using the Federal Automated Clearing House.
  • Bill Payment - Our Bill Payment and Presentment Service allows you to pay bills to any payee, without checks, envelopes or stamps on a one-time or recurring basis. You can then download the issued items to your accounting software. Bill Presentment can help you receive and pay your bills automatically.
  • EFTPS - Make your State and Federal Tax Payments

    Federal Tax Payments
    EFTPS - Log in: https://www.eftps.gov/eftps/
    California Employment Development Department
    CA EDD - Log in: https://eddservices.edd.ca.gov/tap/secure/eservices
    Other California Tax Payments:
    Log in http://www.taxes.ca.gov/

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