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Please be sure to check your statements for any unauthorized transactions.


Beginning on Friday, September 15th, some merchants, lenders, and billing companies you do business with may begin processing same-day debits from your account with us. This means that the SAME DAY you authorize a debit or payment you could also see the funds debited from your account. 

Same day processing of electronic debits from your account will provide more accurate information about your available account balance. Please contact your Banking Office for additional information regarding this change or you can visit to learn more about Same Day ACH.

Business Banking

Merchant Card Services


San Diego Private Bank offers a full line of fast and convenient card processing services that provide a processing solution tailor-made for your business. Our next day funding will accelerate your cash flow and our low rates will reduce your expenses. Whether you need a traditional terminal, Internet capability, payment software solutions or the latest in Mobile Payment technology, we provide a fast, secure and cost-effective payment method for your business.

"On the go" mobile merchants have the ability to perform credit and debit transactions right from their Smartphone or iPad®. It's a cost effective way to add credit and debit card transaction capabilities and integrates seamlessly into their businesses so they can focus on growth. 


  • Low, competitive rates
  • No long-term contracts
  • Perform credit card transactions with your Smartphone or iPad®
  • Simplified billing statements
  • Technical support, 24/7
  • Experienced customer service professionals


Gift Cards

Replace paper gift certificates with gift cards that are flexible, easy to use, and cost effective.

  • Keeps full cash value in store
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Easy for customers to use and carry
  • Minimizes losses
  • Cards are reusable

Electronic Check Acceptance

The ECA Service turns paper checks into electronic items automatically at the point-of-sale to provide you and your customers fast, easy, accurate and secure check processing.

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