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Remote Deposit Capture


Enhance your Business With Remote Deposit Capture Electronic Check Processing


Remote Deposit Capture is a web-based solution that processes all types of paper items into electronic transactions or substitute checks, better known as Image Replacement Documents (IRDs), all through a single point of entry system at your place of business.

With Remote Deposit Capture you can continue to accept your customers' paper check payments, either at your business location or via the U.S. mail. You can then electronically process and deposit checks without having to leave your office. Scan, process and deposit all types of paper transactions at your business location using a check scanner. The checks will be imaged and the data will be transmitted resulting in an electronic deposit into your bank account.

It's Simple. Everything is done in your business environment with no need to visit the bank. All you need is a personal computer, internet access, and a scanner. Run the checks through the scanner and watch each paper check convert into an electronic image, and into an electronic deposit. Our technology seamlessly captures accurate check images and MICR data information into electronic data fields, alleviating manual data entry work for you or your staff.

Key Features

  • 24/7 Access
    Access to your check images and payment status around the clock.
  • Flexibility
    Highly flexible to support any payment volume, from small single users to large payment processing environments.
  • Fast and Accurate
    Improves speed and accuracy in the capture process and results in major savings in data entry/processing time, and error reduction. Provides quick and accurate processing of your deposits from your desktop.
  • Data Security
    All data transmission is performed via a secure web-based system.

Benefits for YOU

  • Simple to Use
    All you need is a personal computer, internet access, and a scanner.
  • Reduce Cost
    Save money by consolidating your banking business with San Diego Private Bank and eliminate travel time & costs.
  • Collect Cash Quicker
    Deposit your receipts as soon as you receive them.
  • Office Efficiency
    Processed payment information can be uploaded to your accounts receivable system.


Here's How Remote Deposit Capture Works

  1. Your business receives a check for payment of goods and services.
  2. Checks are processed using a scanner.
  3. Using San Diego Private Bank's secure web-based system, checks are converted to electronic deposits.
  4. The funds are processed electronically. Then debited from your customers' account and available in your bank account at San Diego Private Bank.

Desktop Check Scanners

Remote Deposit Capture allows easy integration with several styles of scanners to meet your volume requirements, delivering accurate and timely captured check images and data. Please contact your Relationship Officer or Treasury Management team at 844-282-7372 for more information.


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