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Please be sure to check your statements for any unauthorized transactions.


Beginning on Friday, September 15th, some merchants, lenders, and billing companies you do business with may begin processing same-day debits from your account with us. This means that the SAME DAY you authorize a debit or payment you could also see the funds debited from your account. 

Same day processing of electronic debits from your account will provide more accurate information about your available account balance. Please contact your Banking Office for additional information regarding this change or you can visit to learn more about Same Day ACH.

Business Banking

 Deposit One™

Enhance your Business with Remote Deposit Capture Electronic Check Processing

Is your business ready to experience the convenience of anywhere, anytime deposits? Deposit One™ grants you the freedom to scan, process, and deposit eligible paper transactions wherever you are! With this time saving service, you can use  a check scanner to easily make deposits at your business location or use your smart mobile device for on the go processing. The checks will be imaged and the data will be transmitted resulting in an electronic deposit into your bank account.


Key Features

  • 24/7 Access
    Access to your check images, deposit status, and deposit history around the clock.

  • Flexibility

Highly flexible to support any payment volume, ranging from sole proprietorship, to a large multi-location corporate business environment. Deposit limits and user permissions may be tailored to suit your business needs.

  • Fast and Accurate

Improved speed and accuracy in the capture process results in major savings in data entry/processing time, and error reduction. Our multi-check scanner and mobile feature provides quick and accurate processing of your deposits.

  • Data Security

    All data transmission is performed via a secure web-based system and/or our Deposit One™ mobile application.

  • User Friendly

    The intuitive system design allows for easy navigation.


Benefits for YOU

  • Reduce Cost
    Save money by consolidating your banking business and eliminate travel time & costs.

  • Collect Cash Quicker
    Deposit your checks as soon as you receive them, and expedite the funds collection process.

  • Office Efficiency
    Simplify account reconciliation with a variety of reports including optional custom item descriptions tailored to suit your reporting needs.


Deposit One™ Products*

  • Deposit One™ Basic

   Mobile deposit only for single business entities that offers a streamlined implementation process

  • Deposit One™ Mobile
    Mobile deposit tailored to your business’s specific needs pertaining to deposit limits, multiple user functionality, or multiple entity access

  • Deposit One™ Desktop
    Desktop deposit tailored to your business’s specific needs pertaining to deposit limits, multiple user functionality, or multiple entity access

  • Deposit One™ Premium
    Offers both desktop AND mobile deposit service that are tailored to your specific business’s needs

* Balance requirements to waive service fee


Deposit One™ Mobile App Download



For more information, please contact your Relationship Officer or Treasury Management team. The Treasury Management team can be reached at 844-282-7372 or

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