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Consumer Mobile Deposit Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is CalPrivate Bank Mobile Deposit?

A.  It is an easy way to use your Apple or Android mobile device to quickly and securely deposit checks into your qualified checking, savings, or money market account. This service is available for use within the United States only.


Q. How does it work?

A.  You must first log onto online banking through our Mobile App using your mobile device. Access the “Make a Deposit” menu and complete the following steps.

1. Endorse your check.

2. Select the deposit account.

3. Enter dollar amount of check.

4. Capture the front and back image of check.

5. Click Submit.


Q. Who can use the CalPrivate Mobile Deposit?

A.  All customers must be eligible and approved by Bank before being able to access Mobile Deposit service. The following are some of the eligibility requirements:

                1. Customer must be at least 18 years of age

                2. Account must be opened a minimum of 90 days

                3. No non-sufficient funds or overdraft history on account in last 3 statement cycles


Q. How do I get the Mobile Deposit?

A.  The “Mobile Deposit Enrollment” link can be found under the Account Services menu in your Online Banking profile. You must checkmark the box next to “I accept the Terms & Conditions and next click on the Enroll button.


Q. Is there a cost for this service?

A. No, CalPrivate Bank does not charge for this service at this time.


Q. Is Mobile Deposit secure?

A. Your mobile device should be password protected and you should not share your online banking log on credentials with anyone.  The operating system on your mobile device should be kept current with the latest version to insure the latest security features are enabled and to avoid compatibility conflicts. The deposit images are not stored on your mobile device. The images are securely transmitted to the Bank in accordance with the Check 21 Act.


Q. What should I do if I lose my mobile device?

A. You should notify your mobile service provider immediately and cancel service to that device. It is recommended that you log onto your online banking profile and change your log on credentials. For additional security concerns, you may contact Treasury Management at 844-282-7372.


Q. Is there a limit on the number of checks or the dollar amount of the deposit?

A. Deposit limits vary depending on many factors including deposit history and the length of your relationship with the Bank.  Deposit limits are subject to change as we continually evaluate these factors.


Q. If the check is over the daily deposit limit, can it still be deposited using Mobile Deposit?

A. You should contact your Account Officer or your Banking Branch to discuss your deposit options.


Q. Can I deposit any type of check with my mobile device?

A. CalPrivate Bank will accept most check types as long as they are from a US Financial Institution and in US Dollars.


Q. Is there any type of check that can’t be deposited using Mobile Deposit?

A.  The following check types should not be processed using Mobile Deposit:

  • US Treasury checks

  • Checks including travelers checks, that are drawn on banks located outside of the United States

  • Money Orders or Postal Money Orders

  • Credit Card checks

  • Checks payable in medium other than U.S. dollars

  • Non-Cash items

  • Promissory notes or similar obligations (savings bonds)

  • Third party checks

  • Pre-existing substitute checks

  • Checks that have previously been returned unpaid or uncollected

  • Checks greater than 180 days old

  • Altered Checks

  • Checks drawn on another bank account in your name (maker to maker)


Q. How will I know if the deposit was accepted?

A. An email confirmation of the deposit status is sent automatically. The deposit status will also display in the Activity Center menu in your Online Banking profile.


Q. What should I do if I get an error message while using mobile deposit?

A. Error messages can differ. What you do, will depend on the error message you receive.  If the check image did not capture properly, you will need to retake the photo. If you take too long to take a picture, you will receive a timeout error. If there is an error, you don’t understand and it is not related to an error in your mobile device operation, you may call Customer Service at 844-282-7372 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (PT).


Q. Do I need to endorse the back of the check?

A. Yes, all checks submitted must be properly endorsed and the payee listed on the check must match the deposit account name. Deposits with checks not properly endorsed will reject.


Q. When will the funds be available?

A. Deposits submitted and approved prior to 5:00pm (PT) on a business day will generally be available that same day. Deposits submitted and approved after 5:00pm (PT) or on a non-business day will generally be available the next business day. The Bank will notify you if there is a delay in funds availability and will provide a date when you can withdraw the funds. You must confirm funds are in your available balance prior to drawing against those funds.


Q. Will I be able to view the checks I deposit?

A. Yes, deposited items will be available in your online and mobile banking profile.


Q. How long will deposited check images be available for me to view online?

A. Check images are retained for 18 months.


Q. What should I do with the check(s) after I have made a deposit?

A. Checks should be clearly marked that they have been deposited. This will insure the check will not mistakenly be submitted again. Checks must be kept in a secure location at least 7 days but no longer than 14 days. Once the maximum 14 day retention has expired and you have confirmed the funds have been credited to your account, the original items must be destroyed. Cross shredding is recommended as the most secure method of destruction.


Q. If I have questions or need assistance, who shall I call?

A. You may call Customer Service at 844-282- 7372 or your Banking Office Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (PT).

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