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Security Tips

The Internet banking service has several effective security techniques that we encourage you to implement when you use the Internet banking service. Please see below.

Please review the FDIC Consumer News- A Bank Customer's Guide to Cybersecurity for additional details.


  • Keep your passwords secure. Never share your login credentials with anyone.

  • The Bank will never request that you disclose your password.

  • Create a complex password by including a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Avoid the use of personal information or common words as your password.

  • Create a unique password. Re-using passwords is risky. If someone figures out your password for one account, it’s possible they could get access to your personal information.

  • Secure access to your mobile device by enabling the password protection and auto-lock security feature

  • Download mobile applications from reputable sources.

  • Use caution when internet browsing and exercise care when clicking on website links.

  • Keep your mobile device updated as recommended by your mobile device supplier.

  • We encourage the setup of Online Banking Alerts. You may customize account, history, transaction, and security alerts under the “Settings” tab. This allows you to receive notifications of unusual online activity via email, text message, secure message, or automated phone call.

What do I do if I suspect that my login credentials have been compromised?

  • Log onto Online Banking and change your password under the Settings>Login Preferences screen. You also have the ability to modify your username.

  • We may temporarily “Disable” your online profile, which will not allow access to your account information through a desktop computer or through any mobile device.

  • For additional security concerns, contact us at 1-844-282-7372. You may also contact us to reset your password for you.

What security features are in place for the mobile application?

  • We have a 128 Bit encryption on our mobile application. This means that neither the wireless carrier, nor anyone else, is able to infringe on your wireless signal, nor will anyone be able to decipher any information sent to the phone.

  • If the application is inactive for 15 minutes, or the application is closed, it will time out and require you to log back in.

  • Secure login information is not stored on the device. If you lose your mobile device, please contact us at 844-282-7372.

  • Ensure that your system and application updates are up to date for your protection. We recommend your settings allow for auto updating for the most up to date security.

  • We mask phone numbers and email addresses used during registration for security reasons.

  • Security Alerts are sent via Secure Message through the online banking system whenever security changes, like adding a new phone number or activating the ability to receive security confirmations via text message, are enabled. Please review your Messages tab for additional information when you are signed onto Online Banking for these types of alerts.

  • For additional online fraud prevention security tips, please click HERE.


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