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Please be sure to check your statements for any unauthorized transactions.


Beginning on Friday, September 15th, some merchants, lenders, and billing companies you do business with may begin processing same-day debits from your account with us. This means that the SAME DAY you authorize a debit or payment you could also see the funds debited from your account. 

Same day processing of electronic debits from your account will provide more accurate information about your available account balance. Please contact your Banking Office for additional information regarding this change or you can visit to learn more about Same Day ACH.


Business Loans

Revolving Lines of Credit

A San Diego Private Bank Revolving Line of Credit provides your business opportunities as they develop. Your business can borrow, repay, and borrow again up to the original amount committed by San Diego Private Bank throughout the life of the loan. This type of credit facility is normally repaid from your business' operating cash flow (i.e. the collection of receivables). You can use a line of credit to fund seasonal changes in inventory and receivables, take advantage of vendor discounts, or meet unexpected cash requirements. Lines of credit are a cost effective way to borrow and repay what your business needs when you need it.

Equipment Loans

San Diego Private Bank Equipment Loans are designed to provide your company with important financing alternatives. We offer equipment-financing options to enhance your technology needs, expand your product lines, or increase your plant's efficiency.

Letters of Credit

A San Diego Private Bank Letter of Credit can help your business secure the purchase of goods on a domestic or international level. Our lending team will help you structure your trade transactions to avoid the discrepancies and inconsistencies that can cause additional costs, delays and potential loss of business.

For more information please call a location near you - Coronado Office 619-437-1000, San Diego Office 619-230-2800, La Jolla Office 858-875-6900 and Newport Office 949-345-7600.

San Diego Private Bank's NMLSR ID Number is 525007.

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