Your Security is Our Priority!

Please be sure to check your statements for any unauthorized transactions.


Beginning on Friday, September 15th, some merchants, lenders, and billing companies you do business with may begin processing same-day debits from your account with us. This means that the SAME DAY you authorize a debit or payment you could also see the funds debited from your account. 

Same day processing of electronic debits from your account will provide more accurate information about your available account balance. Please contact your Banking Office for additional information regarding this change or you can visit to learn more about Same Day ACH.

Personal Banking

Safe Deposit Boxes


We offer full-security Safe Deposit Boxes inside our Coronado office and La Jolla office vaults. All boxes are 10 inches wide and 22 inches deep. This allows convenient, flat storage of your important documents.

All signers who will have access to the Box will sign a Safe Deposit Box Agreement. We issue two keys per Box, one of which must be presented by a Box signer for future access. A one-time key deposit and annual fees are deducted from your bank account.

Customers with Premier Checking Plus will receive $30.00 discount on any size box of their choice.

Box sizes available at Coronado Private Bank Office.
Size: Height X Width Annual Fee
3" X 10" $ 60.00
5" X 10" $ 70.00
10' X 10" $ 135.00

Box sizes available at La Jolla Office.
Size: Height X Width Annual Fee
5" X 10" $ 70.00
10' X 10" $ 135.00

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